What type of pictures do you need to take for your application? We’ll show you! We’ll keep these images confidential.

The last and most important step is to attach images of yourself. You can upload 3 images in total. So please send us the right ones, as per our guidelines below.

If you’ve never modeled before, which means you never had a picture published in an established magazine, we suggest you send us simple digitals that a friend or family member takes of you, based on our guide.

You don’t need to have a professional portfolio for the application, it’s unnecessary. Actually, a lot of agencies and untalented photographers may try to take advantage of you, by asking for a lot of money for useless, low quality images in return.

Professional agencies will advance you the first test shoot with a great photographer.

It’s worth taking some time to review our advice, this way you can take the best images possible, so it’s easier for us to decide whether you are suitable as a model, or not. 

It is very important to have no make-up on, because we would like to see you as you are, all natural. 

The background should be simple, you should stand against a solid - coloured wall or a closed door in your room. 

Try to find a spot, where you have some natural light, so you won’t need to use the flash on your phone. This way you will look your best. Sometimes the flash can age your face on pictures. If it’s dark in your room, take the pictures close to your window with some natural light.

  • The first picture should be a portrait, facing straight to the camera, without glasses, piercings, earrings or any other accessories. Please get a picture taken where we can see your face clearly, not too close to the camera. The frame should be around your face, cut just above your bust. Try to look into the camera being relaxed and natural. Don’t make any unnatural facial expressions, don’t smile. The best would be to get someone the same height as you to take your picture by holding the camera right in front of you with the camera straight. This way you can get the right angles (not too high, not too low).
  • The second image should be a profile picture, simply turn completely to your left or right, still keeping your posture and head straight.
  • For the third picture you will need a bikini. The reason for this is to see your full body shape and proportions, not to take a sexy image, at all. Please wear something simple. You can let your hair down, so we can see the full length of your hair. If you have bangs, you can pin them away from your face, so we can see your forehead as well, but you don’t need a specific hairdo. As a model, you should be 100% natural, so your look can be formed in many ways. Just be yourself! Put some high heels on, turn to the camera, look straight and pose in a way you feel comfortable. 

You have the final pictures now! Please send them to us through the application form with all of the requested data and measurements! Hopefully we will set up a meeting and we can see you in person as well. In the next topic, you can read what happens at the first meeting and what to expect. Click on the Apply! button so you can finally start your application.