Application, your details

Important basics for modeling: Your contact details and exact measurements.
Application, your details

When applying it’s important to pay attention to the following:

  • Provide us with your full name, not a nickname
  • The reason we ask for your phone number is to be able to reach you if we would like to set up a personal meeting in the future. It is paramount that we have the right contact number to reach you on. Please provide us with a mobile number, that you always use.
  • Please give us your e-mail address, because most of the time that’s how we reach out to applicants.
  • When you fill out the Hometown part, you only have to give us the name of the city, so we know which city you live in or spend most of your time in.
  • The next step is taking the measurements of your bust, waist, hips and height. Please ask your mom or your best friend to measure you. This way we can get accurate measurements. For the bust circumference, please stand straight - have good posture, exhale. The measuring tape should lay on the middle of your chest. The waist should be measured on the smallest part of your torso. The most important and most difficult measurements to take are the hips and your height. Please try your best to get a correct reading. For hips, please have your feet together, stand straight and relax your muscles. The measuring tape should go around the widest point on your hips, right in the middle and it has to stay on the middle of your bum, not under your bum. When you measure your height, please be barefoot and stand against a wall or door frame. Your bum, shoulder blades and head should touch the surface of the wall or door frame behind you. Look straight ahead. The person measuring you can use a book as a measuring aid by laying it flat on the top of your head.
  • Please use the measuring tape to measure the distance between the bottom corner of the book and the floor, along the wall or door frame - this will give us your exact height. If you happen to be an athlete and you’ve already got data of your bone age (determined by an X-ray of your hand), please let us know. If not, you can always visit a Sports Clinic for a height prediction test, also known as the bone age test. This way we will know what’s going to be your fully grown height. Please, don’t try to give us false information about your measurements, because we will notice once we meet. If you don’t have the ideal measurements, don’t worry, let us decide what opportunities we can offer you.
  • When entering your date of birth, it is just as important to be truthful as with your measurements. 

It is really important to send us images of yourself to be able to submit your application. Read about  this in our next post.